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CareMedic - Application m

Discover CareMedic,
an innovative technology that simplifies your file management, personalizes your follow-ups and optimizes the efficiency of your medical practice.

With CareMedic, all of your patient information is now gathered in one place.

Access Centralized Health Records (CHR)

No more information hunting! Easily access the complete health file of your patient.
Improve the effectiveness of your practice in just a few clicks.
Since each patient is unique, adapt the solution to their specific needs.
Easily claim the applicable fees for your interventions and recommendations.

Your HEALTH CARE is in good hands

United specialists on behalf of your well-being.
With CareMedic, your medical and pharmaceutical information is finally collected on a centralized, secured, accessible and easy-to-use digital platform.
In addition to facilitating your interactions with all professionals involved in your health record, CareMedic offers a participatory approach that allows you to be involved in your follow-up and benefit from services tailored to your needs according to your medical condition, your response to prescribed treatments and the alternatives related to your health constraints.

Why choose CareMedic ?

CareMedic Pourquoi choisir caremedic application medecin pharmacien infirmier patient dossier medical
Easy-to-use solution
Intuitive application enabling you to easily access your Health Record.
Personalized application
Customizable interface to suit your needs.
Simplified communication
Direct discussions between patients and healthcare professionals for interactive and optimized follow-ups.
Protection of your data
Secure IT file preventing data loss and requiring your consent for access.
Eco-friendly technology
Simplified exchange of information and decreased health system environmental footprint.

Working in the health system?

Discover THE medico-pratical solution perfectly adapted to your work environment, your patients and their specific needs.
Thanks to the numerous features offered by CareMedic, simplify your file management system, personalize your follow-ups and contribute to unclog the health system by optimizing your performance and improving your practice efficiency.
In short, take advantage of a technology that can make your life easy!
For any question or presentation request, do not hesitate to contact us.